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03 June, 2023

[Review] Authentic Thai Traditional Massage Experience at HealthLand

It's self pampering weekend! 

I am so excited for my long-awaited self pampering session, especially after a super hectic month at work. And HealthLand has been my favourite to-go place to destress, relax and enjoy a good massage session.

With over 40 outlets in the whole of Malaysia (Klang Valley, Penang, Johor and Malacca), I am sure that HealthLand is not something new to you. Since 2013, HealthLand began its journey with the vision to empower people with better health and wellbeing while enriching the quality of life through premium wellness treatments. 

To date, it is one of Malaysia's one-stop wellness centre that offers holistic wellness solutions to the mass middle class while maintaining its appeal to the affluent.

HealthLand offers a plethora of services including foot treatment, Thai traditional treatment, Thainess oil treatment, deep tissue treatment, ear candling, head massage and many more.

And the best part? You can enjoy these services done by the professionally trained therapists from the acclaimed Wellness Academy in Thailand, without burning a hole in the pocket.

Upon entering the outlet, I am being greeted by the friendly staff. The ambiance is pretty comfortable here, especially at the waiting area which exudes very rich Thai vibes. 

The journey of unwinding and rejuvenating myself starts with a quick foot soak at a private designated area. It is a nice starter to allow myself to relax a little before the full-body massage treatment.

 They have different treatment rooms for different services.
For example, this wide and low bed is suitable for Thai-style traditional massage services. 

And I am here for the Thai Traditional Treatment by the highly skilled masseur, which involves pressing pressure points and along the massage lines using the thumbs, palms, elbow, knees or feet. Not only it is beneficial for relaxation, but it also helps open up the body’s energy channels, enabling energy to flow freely.

Overall, I find it very satisfying as it helps relieve stress as well as aches and pains from my everyday workouts. If you would like to unwind and reduce tension in various parts of the body, then this Thai traditional massage is ideal for you.  

The session ends with a warm cup of ginger tea that keeps my mind and soul relaxed, while it helps improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and strengthen immunity. 

Overall, it is a very therapeutic and relaxing session at HealthLand. I don't coming back every month to destress and reduce my body aches. Feel free to check out the promotions and deals in HealthLand from time to time, and I hope you can enjoy the pampering session with your family here too! 

For more information about HealthLand Family Wellness Centre, please visit:
Instagram: @my.HealthLand
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm daily

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