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30 November, 2023

Dear Diary | November 2023 Edition

Dear November,

It's my birthday month! ❤ And I was so looking forward to celebrate this big day with a positive and hopeful mood this year. Let it be a great start of the new beginnings!

However, work has been increasingly challenging between mid till end of the month. I am so glad that I have completed a full filing cycle in Singapore now, and everyday life reminds me to never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

First Omakase experience in Singapore

01.11.2023 | Sushi Kyuu by Shunsui - Read my review here. It was our first omakase experience in Singapore and I was pretty excited for the 21-course menu especially the over-flowing Ikura rice. So happy and blessed to be able to do my favourite thing here while savouring my favourite food!

Hello, Panda! | Birthday nails

04.11.2023 | Homebound, for a series of errands and spending time with the family. But not forgetting my birthday month's nail pampering session. Love the nude sparkly tone this round! 

08.11.2023 | Biggest event of the year. Happy to be part of this and take a baby step out of my comfort zone for new experiences, albeit the 2 days spent here were exhausting :) 

13.11.2023 | 31st. Couldn't be more blessed to have all these specially arranged for my very special day. I will always remember this memorable 31st birthday celebration. Thank you for making me feel special! 

P.S. Cafe @ Palais Renaissance | Age Ya (楊屋) @ Far East Plaza

18.11.2023 | ❤ Back to my favourite weekend things - pork ribs in P.S. Cafe and mentai salmon rice in Age Ya. Totally lost count on how many times we actually revisit these two places which we are very fond of. 

Also, special shoutout to CASETiFY for the ultra cute Powerpuff Girls phone case and charm!
Thanks for reliving my childhood memories :)

Fried Dory Fish Tacos & Chicken Fajitas @ Papi's Tacos

25.11.2023 | Going Mexican for the Thanksgiving weekend! ❤ Happy to have met new friends here in Singapore and enjoy exploring new food together :) Looking forward to trying out other Tex-Mex eateries in town.

30.11.2023 | Words couldn't describe how exhausted I was after the whole crazy filing cycle. Now that we are done and dusted for the year - I am so proud!

November has been a roller coaster month, filled with happiness, pain and tears. I couldn't discuss more about how exactly I feel here (knowing that the online blog is never a 'safe space'), but I just wanted to remind myself:

There are past versions of you that would be so proud of where you are right now.
There are future versions of you that have so much to look forward to.
But remember to take a break. Rest is productive.
Do it for yourself, not anyone else.
You deserve all the things you can't stop thinking about.
You are not going to let self-doubt hold you back any longer.
Keep going, it is going to get easier. 

❤ ❤ 

Cheers to the final month of the year! 

FiSh @ 30.11.2023

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