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19 June, 2008

[[[ 06 19 2008 ]]]
Happy birthday, Kai Sheng~

I rushed to school AGAIN =.= I was late on Tuesday [it was the first time of being “lewat ke sekolah”, and I could not be late anymore. Luckily she started our assembly 5 mintues late today =X. And… I went back home earlier than I supposed [around 3pm++] because it was going to rain soon. When I was on my way home, I saw a white furry thing lying on one of the steps of the stairs. Taking a closer look, I knew it was a cat--- It seemed to be sleeping but I saw blood stains on its body, plus it didn’t move at all… =X Now I knew it was already a carcass =(
After minutes I reached home, it began to rain cats and dogs. I thought of the white fluffy thingy just now, thinking what had actually happened on such cute small creature….

Someone chatted with me, about my recent misery
She told me to choose, to make decision that I had already done
…without informing her yet.
She felt that I am seriously W R O N G, and YES I am indeed.
She said that he is my “antidote”, but is he???
She said she was harsh, but I knew it was the best overall conclusion after all =]
She knew I loved new things--- and this always lead me to a trouble
She mentioned, “Reality checks: He is never going to come back to my arms”.
Okayyy. Maybe not. But still I couldn’t accept this.

He is jealous.
He is irate.
He is
so paranoid.

He is…whatsoever it is, I couldn’t find any connection between us anymore…

{ Times H E A L S. So keep healing }

I love this quote =]

[[[ Let bygones, be bygones ]]]

The day has come, and I will be having hard times no matter what the decision is…

Hopes. Sadness. Pain.
I really do MISS you, but you just don't know it...

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