27 July, 2008

07 26 2008~
Updates bout Photography Competition 2008 of SMKBBSP Photography Club at Zoo Negara =D

*Early morning, I went to school as usual. I met JM and Hsiang once I reached there. They were planning to go downstairs I think xD. After the assembly, I skipped rehearsal again LOL and went up to class to attend History class. When it was almost 8am, surprisingly She asked us if we need to go down now and allowed us to leave Her class before She finished teaching the Zaman Renaissance LOL xD. Iwaslike,'wad?didihearwrongly?' LOL!!!

*8.15am- We went down to eat the food provided. Pn. Raha charged us RM1.50 per head, when it was so yucks =X coz' many people threw it away while eating halfway. Groupings were announced before we got into the bus... Spell reserved a place for me, and we were talking and gossiping again xD.

Our first group picture once we reached there =D *smiles

FiSh + Elephant xD xD

We were e.x.c.i.t.e.d once we saw them!! xD


JM acts cute? LOL hehes

Oh my... Its tongue is so long isn't it? xD

Aslan!!! from The Chronicles of Narnia~ xD

JM~ looks so pro... But still Spell said **** to him LOL

LOL see how tight their hands were attached to. xD

"FiSh + Monkey" photo, but got spoilt by JM for being at the back =X

Cornetto'S Love~ I thought of getting an ice-cream there, but it costs me RM 8.80 each. wth. =.=

Bear~ ugly =X =X

Gigantic tortoise~

JM's emo pose xD. The wording is correct anyway =X

Mini crocodile, it's not a monitor lizard @_@

~^^Resting deer~
Kanga roo =D
Let's go swimming xD
Eat eat eat~

Reward for group leader =D

I was successful being the tourguide because of this xD. Thanks to the map and Wan Yin too, if not we would been lost =X



  • We managed to explore the whole zoo except for the 'Ape Centre' part T_T because they were hungry and we went to The Wild Fast Food Restaurant instead of Marrybrown that I had long heard bout them =.="because the truth is that there is not any Marrybrown outlet also LOL

  • Our group is noisy and full of vulgar =X =X. All sorts of 'words' were heard throughout the trip from our group. Thanks to Spell and Jiameng. Pity Ying Yee and Ann Li for being in the same group with us and were forced to learn and listen to those 'ham' things =X =X aiks..

  • We had fun isn't it? =D we even paid RM10 to snap photo with the parrot and pony... Hehes hope to get the pictures from May Yen soon.

  • And Vivi, I think I have some pictures in your camera, please send them to me as soon as possible too xD

  • This year, we have big family photo =D. Of all the participants of this activity. Hope to get this picture from Ying soon too.

  • Thanks Spell and JM for sparing me some food xD. I was not hungry, but trying to try some each xD. And thanks Spell for the drink.

  • I felt sad for Fungsoon )':

  • Thanks groupmates- Spell, Jiameng, Mayyen, Fungsoon, Wanyin, Yingyee and Annli- for your coperation throughout the day =D. I love spending time with all of you.

  • Congrats Hoe Jun for all the nice pictures. When I saw his photo, I was shocked, "Wow, why so nice one? Envy envy T_T"... LOL he will surely win with his pro photography skill and his DSLR =D jiayouuu on photographing. Our club needs people like you badly~

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