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21 July, 2008

A typical school day...when it is not…

The timetable has been changed [again] this is already the third timetable we have for this year =.=” So… First period is History, followed by Chemistry before recess. There were piles of homework--- special thanks to Pn. Tan =.= She even ‘threatened’ to finish up the entire chapter this week, which means using 3periods only [again]. My tuition teacher hadn’t even finish the entire previous chapter, my gawd =O. And when I was busy doing History notes, homeworks kept piling non-stop--- BM komsas, BI summary, Math worksheet. I hate Mondays T_T

This Saturday will be a schoolday too. When I heard this announcement, I was thinking, “ohmygawd, how bout our trip? Have to be postponed again arh?”. Luckily, Pn. Raha said that we still have it as usual =] at least it doesn’t disappoint Keiyan. But too bad we still have to attend Pn. Tan’s class since it follows Monday’s timetable. Ugh.

Today she suddenly tells me that we have to change our previous plan as we are not allowed to do “xxx, and xxx, and xxx”. Then what activity should we have at the planned time? It just makes me feel less interested in it, not anymore…. I am getting less and less active in all these… XOXO

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