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29 August, 2008

It seems that everyone has updated bout today's thingy,
it was only me who is so outdated =.="
Here it goes.

Early morning...
We had our assembly and... it was Merdeka Celebration Day~
4F was performing since they were the
champion of Pertandingan Nyanyian Lagu Patriotik.

Nerdy eh? xD JM, you can grab this picture as u wished (:

After the assembly...
We gathered in the class and...
It's present-giving time!!! =D
And we sang her a Birthday song,
aikss terlupa nak nyanyi dalam BM and BC also~

Present from us!!! xD xD Weii we walked for miles and spent alot u know? =X

It was 12.30pm, and it was only another half an hour to go for the bell to ring.
But we were just too hungry,
and went to the canteen to have our lunch during schooltime xD

After lunch...
Due to the Patriotic Month, we had Pertandingan Memasak!!!
I didn't cook (: I was just a photographer there.

I love this!! xD xD I wasn't full anymore when I saw all these food. I wanna e.a.t xD

Hehes~ I love this drink alot ^^

After librarian duty...
I went home to take bath and came out again =.=
ViVi, Hsiang, jM and I went to get the cake (:

On the way...Someone stopped us, and Hsiang was so kind to help him (:

At HoHo Steamboat...
We chatted, laughed and quarrelled xD
The stubborn egg ):

After dinner...
jM and Hsiang wanted to walk me home
to get me climb across the wall of the school LOL
I got a ride from Spell's car (: And went home safely~

Last but not least,
Happy Sweetest 16th Birthday, ♥ Bestie!!~

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