10 September, 2008

{{{ Happy Things }}}

1. I met this cute plushie ♥♥♥ iheartit.

*Anyone could get me this??

2. And this ♥♥♥ I bought this book of HSM today ^^
3. With the complimentary poster and bookmark of HSM2,

*Awaiting HSM3 in this coming October xD

4. I will be go to Genting with friends!! Without wearing those fugly school uniform LOL

5. And I would spend my birthday at Genting (:

6. Some drawings of Mr. Foo made me laugh. LOL

{{{ Sad Things }}}

1. My tuition notes got scribbled on the WHOLE page =.=" wtf

*{Fish that lives in the intestine of Fish Fong}

Ugh, what does that supposed to mean?

And this...

Fat??? LOL yea fatty fish xD i sort of like this name xD

But since he apologized, so it's okiee lerhhh (:

2. So my notes were scribbled like nobody cares, and I went to see my Wednesday Physics teacher to get a piece of new note,

but....incidentally, my Saturday Physics teacher was there too and he recognized me.

Ugh. Could you imagine when a teacher saw you taking notes from another teacher who teach the same subject as his? T_T

3. I told Mum bout the Genting trip, and I will have to pay ALL the expenses by my own T_T

4. Ms. Maz gave us a project--- making a periscope =.=

And the due date is by this coming Hari Raya holiday~

5. No more...


6 vS 4...so it's supposed to be a happy day today (:


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