19 November, 2008

Malay. English. Mathematics. History. Accounts. EST.
Physics. Chemistry. Biology. Additional Mathematics.

So finally.
We have attended the classes for ALL subjects we have.
It doesn't matter anymore if I am tired, bored or even sick over it.
I mean, I..uhm I should say 'we' do not have the choice :(
I miss you. I am sorry that I couldn't meet you up somewhere.
The exhausting week just stops me from seeing you.
I think__I really need a day to stay at home and r.e.s.t.

So it was Sis' birthdaeee right? =D
I went to tuition classes as usual,
And went to night market with buddiesss at night :)
Surprisingly, I bought nothing!! xD how nice that I didn't waste $$$.
Back quite early at night actually,
waiting for Sis to come back from her celebration with her BoiiBoii__
Finally at 10.30pm she was back =DD
And I had surprise for her =P

At first I wanna buy her this cake
Because of its beauuuuuuuutiful look =D

But finally I bought this for her =DD the taste is better I think =X

*That fella "writing" her name on the cake =)

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