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25 December, 2008

It is Christmas today.
To be precise, it is the day of Jesus's birthday and a working day for Mr. Santa Claus =D. Thanks everyone for spamming my cell's inbox with Christmas wishes. Thanks to SooN, hope your wish to me is granted--- having a bigger pond and swimming freely all the time. And getting alot of fishyyy presents too xD. Alright, actually I don't really celebrate this day [and I don't get a chance to]...

Living in this country, the Xmas celebration is just so-so, unlike others :(
We have no white Christmas like this T_T.

Also, my house is not decorated like this too :(

In fact, Mum just started to re-paint the house, and decorate into a very CNY atmosphere~ It is too soon right? And thanks to KeiiYan's idea, I have done a 'kerja amal' for Moral project next year--- that is painting the whole house--- from living room, to toilet. Blablabla, cut the crap.

So I have missed the BBQ party and drinking session in his house. And I have missed countdown-ing with besties in MSN last night :( It might sounds lame to some people, but I do think it is cool :D and no matter how, ihaveMISSEDthemALL

Fishyyy oh fishyyy this shall be a very short post, so that's it ^^ Everyone, do enjoy the final week of 2008~

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