24 December, 2008

Date: 24 December 2008, Christmas Eve
Recipient: GodInHeaven@noreply.com
Sender: fish_angel92@hotmail.com
Subject: Listen to my prayer :)
Message: God, can you hear me all this while? I have been looking forward to a night spent with besties to countdown--- whether it is a Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, Birthday Eve or whatsoever occasion. You gave me hope when Mum nodded after I told her the “well-organized” plan, and everything just crushed in a blink of eye right at the moment I was choosing tonight’s attire.

Supposing I shall have lists of excuses defending myself, but I end up keeping quiet for the entire day because I don’t see any difference no matter how she wants me to change the plan. She might not be satisfied until I decide not to wander outside but to rot at home on the entire day. As for the 25th, it is white Christmas BUT I will probably be staying at home, helping out to paint the house because New Year is around the corner.

I too have been expecting his text since yesterday. So he finally replied me just now, but it is just too late to plan a whole day of excitement with him. As usual, he loves asking me out at the very last minute, and hence I reject the invitations most of the time no matter how heavy hearted I am. I know that he will be around somewhere nearby tonight, but too bad I just can’t join you guys…

God, I would pray to You NOT to give me hopes without granting my wishes :) I would appreciate it so much if you could listen to my prayer. Thanks

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