04 April, 2009

Aftermath of Sports Day...

Usually people are less busy after the Sports Day,
because there is no more marchign practice,
there's no more preparation for Sports Day,
no more captains finding their members around
regarding their house stuff.

I am still so busy T_T
Bout the collection of photographs.
Now I learn that giving them out is much easier than collecting them back once again.
People kept slowing down our pace.
And there are too much obstacles along it.

And PBSM marching competition falls on next Tuesday.
But I am still blur with certain commands,
I don't even know how to 'perlahan jalan' ):
And the black shoes... hope Yeewen's one is the right size for me

*The whole mess on the bed.
I spent my whole afternoon organizing all these.
Yesterday everyone gave me their sum of money,
some lacking of the AJK list and name list,
some paid using shillings T_T

*More than 300 pieces of RM1 note.
Oh yep. Such small notes I have got,
but Jeff is not going to accept these T_T

Now that Pn. Jamaliah reminded us that exam is only 2 weeks from now!
Again. Ugh, I don't know how am I going to cope with the studies lerh T_T

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