01 April, 2009

Pictures of the day!
Mainly of BeNdAhArA's xD,
coz' I have thousand over Sports Day photographs with me,
and I only chose YELLLLLLLLLLOW pictures for your view xD!
Hope you enjoy ba~ (:

*The stadium with lil' crowd group of people
(It is barely a crowd)

*Randomness (:

*Blurred image of myself xD.
Was at Pn. Norjuliah's car that time.

Weeee~ :D It doesn't look that bad after all right?

*Lil' kids of our team :D

*Wow, so disciplined eh xD

*Oh look! Spellman was sweating profusely? x)

*The sky of the day seemed extraordinary x)

*Provided by our sweeeeeeetest Pn. Norjuliah ever xD

Sakai... Kinlup... Weyming... Spellman...
And so on...
Everyone was using their best strength to PULL!

*Girls' side. Oh God, did Pn. Norjuliah look like a thieve?
Or some sort of that? =Xx

With Mei Keit~ (:

It's Fong Tuck Koon!

DaddyLoke is strong (:

*Olahragawati, from Bendahara too! x)

*Overdelighted xD

*The happy, smiling faces

Fong Tuck Koon represented YELLLLLLLLOW!

Serena too (x

I love all the yellow decorations (:

Two Sweeties (:

Fong Tuck Koon membanggakan kami!

Yay! The group picture, full of joy (:

*The rewards~ but don't you think the hampers were small? xD
I am not greedy, just a lil TOO greedy (x
Alright, these are the 30 picts I loved alot (:
I think I have been talking bout
way too much. And mentioning alot bout

Hope ALL the Bendahar-ians can do better next year!
I Bendahara.

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