13 June, 2009

The event of the day (:

Oh at first I didn't want to
upload all the pictures here

BUT due to Soonyuen [aka PRObun] 's request,
I think I better post all the so-called-good pictures HERE
so that you guys can grab them
as they're of higher pixels compared to those
in my Facebook.

Anyway if you find this loading too slowly,
do proceed to my Facebook album,


Oh I bet you guys know every single detail
bout all these pictures right?
So no captions needed here :)
Anyway, Joey's pictures are MUCH better than mine,
do look out for her photos!

*Oh this is taken by Boonpin, not ME =X !!


林峰! xD

The make-over is GREAT!


He forced me to buy T_T!

*Oh this!
偷拍 Vivian again xD


Soon Yuen, hope this will be your favourite picture :)

*Spot the guy in green and white stripe =Xxxx!

The champ :D

Em-cees (:

"Lil' grass and flower" xD


Leon looks too handsome xD

CoyoTOTO is a too-huge-baby =X

JM has high potential of being robber =X

Ying (:

I love the kid from Kwong Hon!

Sorry Kien Bing,
those pictures I took of you
are all BLUR except this = =

Justin (:

*The End*

P/S: I can't wait for tonight!

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