12 June, 2009

Going back to hometown
is one of the activities in my must-do list during this holiday.
Let’s take a break from the hectic oh-so-boring city life!

It had actually been quite some time
since I get so close with the greenery.
You know I am obsessed over photographing right?
Pictures of the day were all about going G-R-E-E-N.
Just skip this post IF you hate green that much.

Passed by this LONGhouse during the journey~

Hidden house in the woods =X

Please don't get mistaken.
It is NOT mist,
but HAZE!
Can you now imagine the terrible mankind?

Traffic congestion during the sojourn.

You can never see such natural, old attap house in KL.

Finally reached Grandma's house!

I love the roof, honestly!

Spot the ants :)

Wilted flower could be nice in photographs ^^

This is fugly, I knew =X

Hidden under the leaves?

Allow the flower to bloom,
and not to wilt so soon (:

Ignore my craziness over this =X

Oh I love this!

Ah whatever it is called =X

I this the MOST!

See how patriotic am I xD

Too bad they're unripe :(

This is kinda... common right? = =

It was just a lil' puppy
when I first met him.
:) How fast time flies!

She is unique (:

Random cowie =X

Oh my cousin's medal!
50++ over there,
Jealousnyee T_T

Some sorts of dried Chinese medicine (:

This is the way they collect water

Aww.. Running to catch this = =

Used in vegetable farm :D

To the hidden street xD

What a mess = =

Papa !

Grandma's sole vehicle (:

Bunga berguguran memenuhi tanah...

It was indeed breathtaking!

Dad always wear this =X

Mamaaaa and I!

* End of the exhilarating day I had (: *

P/S: Sorry that I have had to change the skin AGAIN
because the post part cannot be viewed anymore!

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