09 June, 2009

Sorry people.
Had been having busy life lately.
Please allow me to update bout my weekend (:

The Saturday...

Breakfast here,
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

The new menu,
with his face here = =

Sisza =D
awww. She stole my clothes =X

Mama's eversmiling face (:
That's why I heart her

- Cheese-baked pancake-
Something looks like tortilla,
it tastes much better :D

After the breakfast,
I proceeded to the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre
for the Mathematics test.
Feeling blur on what-so-call Maths test?

I actually went for a selection test actually,
to determine the qualification of myself.

Wow. There was HUGE crowd outside the hall!

Everyone was waiting for registration.
There were people from all parts of Malaysia coming for this test.

Aunties and uncles from Malacca have just spent their time here,
accompanying their children.

Approximately 1200++ people taking this test!

Eager-parents waited outside for us (:

The Singaporean was giving briefings to us.

Yahhh supposed to be a huge crowd,
but still lots of people have not arrived yet.

There are 32 classes in total,

with each class consisting 40 people.

Now can you imagine how MANY people are there?

People still read at the very last minute
before the test starts = =

Sorry blur again =X

This chubby lady is nice (:

Seriously I am NOT a Maths geek,
so I could only manage to answer 15 out of 25 questions!
Which means the questions are sort of driving me CRAZY!

Let me test you somehow =X
One of the questions sounds like this.

"Box P, Q and R have 4 white balls and 5 black balls each.
One ball (color unstated) is taken out from box P and placed into box Q.
Then another ball (color unstated AGAIN) is taken out from box Q and placed into box R.
One ball (color unstated) is taken out from box R and placed into box P.
State the probability that each box has 4 white balls and 5 black balls again."

Oh. Anyone please let me know if you can figure this answer out!

It was already evening when the test finally ends.


Gah. I was starving because I had no lunch T_T!

Headed to my favourite restaurant (:

Awww. I hate cooked salmon too :D

Woot. Tempura!

Family picture must include Papa as well =X

The darkened lemon honey = =

End of the day.
Overused my brain
and felt extremely exhausted!

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