24 June, 2009

This post will be very DIRECT, and 100% you will understand this COMPLETELY. Ahhahaa!

I mean, you don't have to guess who on Earth I am talking about again, then what happens to me again... Yep completely NO guessing! Just frank talk! (:

Okay, don't be mistaken that it is only a random picture.
I found this yesterday, and sort of wanna have this
as my new blog header
Yep it is much cuter than the one I am having now.
So what do you think? (:

:D Okay. I get better today.
Sorry for the silly post yesterday.
I never meant to say that to her,
I understand how much she LVEs ignoring me,

I will NOT complain bout it anyway,
and I WILL get used to this, very soon! Wish me luck!

We do have vicissitude most of the time, don't we?
Everyone has ups and downs, twists and turns,
Hope you step into my shoe and understand this too :)

Multi-tasking is terrible sometimes,
like... I couldn't concentrate on this when I am so into that.
Calm down right?

I am just so tired...

so weary...

so worn-out...

That's why I wrote that I need more sleep in my Facebook status.

Why did I have not enough sleep?
Why have I been doing sometimes?
Continue reading and you shall know (:

This only reminds me that no,
you can't multitask,
you're not that great,
you're no difference from any other,
you're just an ordinary human!
[Okay, change 'you' into 'I' then]

Although I didn't sleep in classes,
still I have been making teachers got frustrated over me.
For example my favourite Physics teacher in school,
[You know who she is, don't you?]
She stops loving me, so do I, frankly.
She is unhappy with the sharp fall of my Physics result, so do I.
She hates me to lose ALL concentration and intention to listen to her in class.
Okay, so do I - - - I hate listening to her in class too.

And sooner or later, she will receive all the bad remarks
from various parties.
I wonder how could she face the principal
IF she really got questioned by her.
It's my turn to wish her good luck (:

Apparently I am losing interests towards Physics and
the worst part is I begin to love Biology.

OMG how could this ever happen on me?

SPM is less than 150 days away from now,
and I dump studies aside while settling the other stuff of mine.

I seem to be busy most of the time, I knew.
But I don't know what am I busy with actually = =

I stop going out with you guys, I realized.
Besties is bugging me all the time that we have not been hanging out,
what a sad thing it was ): I do miss the time we had.
Sorry Spellieeee...

I didn't talk much with people nextdoors nowadays.

Inspired by SpellmanChoy and VincentHew,
I start spending my time reading my own old blog,
starting from 2006--- till' now I have read till April 2007.
Still long way to finish all.
I feel like I'm really living INSIDE my own little world.
I really isolated myself from you ):

I realized that I always wrote bout those EMO things in the past.
And every single character that I've mentioned is so obvious
that everyone could guess them easily = =
Anyway I gonna delete those stupid old posts soon xD!

I spent my time reading Esclipse and soon gonna start Breaking Dawn.
Sorry I am a slow reader but I enjoy this :)

I spent my time daydreaming of something that is impossible to happen,
yet the dreams never vanish from my mind.

Oh ya. Something Spellman told me yesterday bugged my mind = =
I do feel sad for what I've heard.
Anyway let's think positively,
I do believe the world usually gets jealous of popular people xD!
Plus, graduation is near! Soon I'll ditch the bad remarks and accuses from people :D

And also... luckily,
today girls came out with an idea of having lunch at Pizza Hut,
I didn't know how and why this popped out in Keiiyan's mind,
But I am glad that we [Carolyn,JoeyC,Keiiyan,Vivi and I] did enjoyed! (:
Nice gossipings by the wayyy xD

Oh I shall stop, shan't I?
Trapped in the past is absolutely a POOR habit,
I shall move on! :D

Let's talk bout the upcoming events xD!
Next Friday would be the Cross-Country event (:

I need photographers
[ Spell is temporarily assigned as one (:
But for God's sake, I still have to seek for teacher's permission ]

And next Saturday followed would be
the Singing Competition held by Chinese Society :D
Here I come to support you, SpellmanChoy!!!

Sorry, I am so into this bestie named Spellman nowadays = =

And I apologize for keeping you bored

with my oh-so-many-WORDs post!

I found this teddy few days ago,
on an unwanted rack at my neighbourhood.

*Why would people abandon this cute creature?
The charming look of lil' reminisces the past.

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