07 July, 2009

:D I skipped school happily today!

I saw people onlined and they asked,
"Eyh didn't go to school? Sick liao?"

Not due to sickness,
Not because of important occasion,
But the reason is simply SAYA NAK PONTENG
:O I can't believe that this phrase comes out from my heart!

Subjects of the day:
Maths, PJK, Physics, English, Malay.

The only and one important subject to me is Physics,
but Physics is obviously NOT an important lesson in school.
I think you guys know why =X

Yesterday someone told me
If I skip school today, I will feel guilty for staying at home.
If I go to school today, I will feel regret for NOT staying at home.
I really thought about this, because I was indecisive last night.

Finally today I knew I made the right choice x)

Yesterday I stayed a little late in school to do preparation for the librarian's Haunted Mansion. Seriously I have not been staying in school except Wednesdays, since the day the Form5s are freed from dutying in the library.

Once again I am indulged in doing arts

I am kinda rejuvenated when using my long-rotten left brain.
Pity Yeewen for being so exhausted throughout the day yet still doing this for the library.

The artwork:

-Working in progress-
Do you think you feel the creepiness when seeing this? xD

Honestly lots of people saw us painting this in the library yesterday. I purposely post this picture here to warn you guys: DO NOT copy our idea in doing something same / similar / related to this in the haunted mansion!

You shall take the consequences if we found you copying, I mean it.

Reached home at 3p.m. and no food is available for me. I had to get my butt out of the sofa and start cooking by myself. I don't know how to cook, but the term 'cooking' is still correctly used as long as I am doing something with the utensils and raw food right?--- Although I was just cooking Maggi mee =X

I promised myself to stop this memory-draining food,
but I just can't help!

Korean ramen with my fave beanies

It was my energy-boosting meal yesterday--- in the midst of lunch hour and dinner time. And I ended up being too full and skipped dinner.

Oh yes fishyyy, you have gained some weight lately,
it is time to get yourself fitter again. Eat less!

Talking about food, I love the idea of going for a girls' lunch once a week--- it somehow brightens my lifeless day. Am looking so much forward to PASTA-ing :)

Busy upcoming week! Less updates!

P/S: Be my hundred reasons to smile everyday

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