13 July, 2009

Tomorrow is a rest day!

Tuesdays are always the best day to skip school, whether you are considering the old timetable or the new timetable. Oh when I look into the new 5G timetable properly, I can actually take Thursdays into consideration as another oh-so-great off day for myself.

On the Tuesday of 7 days ago, I was sleeping soundly at home when the eye of heaven already shone on my butt. Fongszehui is still a good kid; she won’t do this again tomorrow. But you also wont be able to see her in school tomorrow because she was sent to a History seminar.

"Program Explorasi Sejarah"

Let's explore this subject !

It is an 8 hour [This figure is going to kill me!] seminar regarding SPM History Paper 1 and 2 *yawn* I do hope not to fall asleep there. Seriously I am lacking of information about this seminar, for example where to wait, what transport do they provide, how is the meal arrangement, who are going with me, et cetera. The only thing to be put into my bag is History text books- both Form4 and 5.

AH! Running out of time!

No matter what, I must get this done by tomorrow before the seminar starts. I promise I would try my best to finish all the essay questions wherever I go. Even when I am strolling along the street if possible. [If I have the ability to walk and write at the same time]

Pn. Tan, please take back your words.
I don’t want to ‘teach’ in front of the class.
Please tell me that you are just joking :(

P/S: Vivian, don’t miss me tomorrow :P

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