12 July, 2009

Bite: The Contentious Escape

This is the first time I put an irrelevant title for the posts here. Not many people know the story behind this nickname of ‘bite’, so let’s keep this as a lil’ secret.

I was rushing out of the traffic congestion as quickly as possible. Entering the state of Selangor, now I was keeping a distance from the skyscrapers and modern buildings. I finally managed to breathe in some fresh air during the weekend. A few hours being away from the city is more than enough to rejuvenate.

The air around me just seems to be as green as the atmosphere.
Nature. I always love greenery and clouds,

I kicked out my tuition class in the Saturday so that I can enjoy this moment of relaxation.
I really managed to get over all the homework during the breezy day.

My contented coming week:

Monday: Day of brushing up my left-brain skill. [Which means painting day again]
Tuesday: History day. [Seminar = =]
Wednesday: Ping-pong day [I want lunch with babes!], and tuition night.
Thursday: Tuition replacement day and night.
Friday: Final day of preparation for Carnival.
Saturday: Carnival day. Bon Odori night.
Sunday: Tuition. Spare me some time to r-e-s-t.

Finally. The whole week. Is. Terrible.

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