09 August, 2009

08082009 : Photography Competition ‘09

:( I have taken lots of photographs today, around 300++. But ONLY 20 pictures can be shown to people. And the others are all BLURRRRRR… T_________T

I know I have been very used to a DSLR these days. And I don’t know what happened to my skill today = = Perhaps something is bothering me… Plus, my pinkieee isn’t working well in the dark ):

I found out that he is unhappy too, but I don’t know how to cheer him up ):

Our first destination :)
First time being here, that’s why we needed a map…

The sayangs!

Alamak, mana Fungsoon?

There you are :)
The lengzaiii-est picture I have ever took of him

I went to the Botany Garden and Floria Fest with my bestiesss --- Spell, Nugget, Rubber, Kangaroo, Jiameng, Fungsoon and people! Our purpose is not about winning, but to have FUN :D That's why I love my team--- sort of a camwhoring team, especially Vivian xD!

Not to forget him, my part-time boyfriend xD~

Finally we're in the same group after all the complicated stories behind the event. You made me thought of it again :( But it was better than last year, because this year we didn't really have to stick with our own group members all the time. Now that we could meet lots of people from other groups and walk together.

Bestie Vivi :D Nowadays..I take picture with you almost everyday, don’t I? :X

Oh black and white effect ; I heart this.

The lake there is awesome ; But we didn't have a chance to ride a canoe and to do cycling :(

The flower is wilting ; Would your love wilt too?

It's my turn! :D

Pictures of me ; Credits to the professional JoeyC for all the pictures of me she took :)

Cik Syazana ; Cik Noor Fatihah ; Pn Noor Fadilah
Ms. Liew is supposed to be one of the teachers going with us, but... I didn't know what happened and someone replaced her. The teachers had nothing to do there, and sat on the canopy bridge to EAT = =

Still managed to visit Pesta Floria after the Botany Garden.

Colorful flowers reflect their glory under the glaring sun :)
But… Unfortunately the hot air balloon was unavailable at the hours we were there…

Jian Ni ; Me ; Siew Wen
My pretty darlings.

The professionals (: I saw Hoejun’s pictures OMG = = so prooooo..

Most stalls sell drinks, burgers and hotdogs.
Didn’t eat there in order to save time.

Posing with the clips.

The clips cost RM1 each, expensive horrrr!
Obtained from Pesta Floria

our trademark
I love bunnies besides fishiees :D

Proof : MY PICTURE IS BLUR T________________T

Goodbye Putrajaya!

Lunch at KFC after the trip, then headed to The Store.
Thanks Keiyan’s Mum for fetching me home!

Click HERE
to grab the photographs (:

Lots of pictures are still with JoeyC, Jiameng, VivianC and Keiiyan.
Hope to get the pictures from them as soon as possible (:

♥ Don't you keep yourself away from me...

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