01 September, 2009

Sept 1:

Happy Birthday to Wong Kien Bing! :D

T_______________T now that I realised this is the only recent photo I have of you.
And, I did not take any picture with you before. Soooooooooooo sad )):

Sept 2:

Advanced Happy 17 wish to Mr. Hew :D

Ermmm. I wish Lip Kin stay lengzaiii forever!

But also...
I am sorry that I didn't join you guys at Pizza Hut yesterday,
I was in my hometown, praying for my late grandfather and great grandmother.
I knew you guys did enjoyed without me, hahas!

Anyway, quick update it is!

Exam. Exam. Exam.
Mum is roaring at me for surfing the net again :X

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