11 September, 2009

09 11 09 --- Happy Birthday to Mer Vin and Wai Loon ((:
I miss them both, especially MerV.
And I chatted with him today, everything between us seems to have changed.
You don't sound like last time )):
I really, really miss the old time; is it reversible?

During History Paper 1…

I was playing with my favourite gadget during exam. Reason: I don’t get a hint on the questions appeared in History Paper 1 and just try to enhance my “shooting skills” then. Finally my result is 20++ / 40, which means I have more than 10 wrong answers out of 40 questions.

“And this is terrible”,
said Pn. Tan.

She was yelling at the staffroom, saying that nobody in my classs gets more than 30 correct questions out of 40. and I got even more tongue-lashings from her because I sneaked out early during her Paper 2 exam.

Oh ya. I’ve got my Biology result and soon I would do what I’ve promised to Kei Yan---- to chop her into pieces xDD!! I don’t feel like seeing Mr. Fong tomorrow, since my result is so embarrassing )):


Candid shot? It is not supposed to be so ):

Ugly background, poor picture balance, unattractive colours, etc --- Oh I can’t believe that I am the one taking this photograph! The hall is closed actually, for “ritual” purposes, hence we changed venue.

This picture is supposed to be of “Jawatankuasa Unit Bimbingan Kaunseling” with Mr. Siva, Mr. Talib, Mdm. Lam and Mdm. Rohana only. But the principal complained why on Earth do they have to take a photograph of only 4 persons and she wanted MORE. The fact is that I am just following what we did last year and finally I stood like a wood while being scolded by her.

Finally this picture is just taken for fun = = because we need a whole new photograph of 20 teachers in that photo. DaddyLoke saw her scolding me and he told me that she wanted to look more “glamorous” by having more followers behind her =X

I have only a week left to complete my tasks although there is still a long list to go:

  • 3 students with their Chinese literary expression
  • 10 students with their calligraphy masterpiece
  • 12 students with their artwork
    [P/S: Kuan, you’re wanted here! XD]
  • 20 teachers for Jawatankuasa Unit Bimbingan Kaunseling
  • 5 groups of winners of curricular competitions
Oh can you imagine searching for 30 people around the school within a week?
T_______________T Thanks Shin Mei for helping me out (:

♥ I saw what you did, but I just can’t say iheartyou.

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