18 September, 2009

...The aftermath

Read what it says there.
If you think it is true, then do continue blogging no matter how near is SPM k? xD

I picked it from CLEO Sept ’09 issue.
All sorts of academically reading materials kept me busy for 3 weeks.
I hope it is not too late for me to read this mag up before the release of October issue.

No matter how tough is Accounts Paper 2 yesterday,
Let’s forget it because holiday is in the air!

Throw away the books for one whole week [P/S: Not more than that!]
And fill each day with joy and excitement!

=X Do I sound like being over in frenzy?

Today’s program would be in the afternoon till night. I heard that the maximum amount of participants is 200, but now it is already beyond the limit. Oh so that means it gets great support from people. And the ticket I get illegally is transferred from my friend to me. Hope to be able to enter the place tonight =)

And my coming weekend will not be filled with tuition classes
Due to the one-week holiday in PTK…
We would resume classes next Friday.
And I could not meet people for a whole 7 days ):
But the bright side is that I’d be idle tomorrow
To give my fullest support to Spell :D

:) Work hard, love!

Hari Raya is around the corner. Two more days to go. And BestieFara has been bugging me because she doesn’t want to balik kampung for SPM’s sake ): If I have a heavenly hometown like hers, I’d love to go there for picnics, shoppings and everything! But the sad thing was I never have a chance to stay overnight in my home town except for special occasions.


好久没用华语来写部落格了… 当我收到你发的这封信息,我不懂要怎样回复你。当时我刚起床你在等我的答案吗?也许直到现在我只能说一声谢谢--- 谢谢你带来的一切!那些礼物我会把它收好的…

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