15 September, 2009

Principles of Accounting craze!

:D I have only Accounts paper left for tomorrow and Thursday. Let’s ignore Additional Mathematics :X Soon the tough three weeks of exams will pass peacefully. Thanks Desmond for the help throughout the trial!

I am now back to my addiction towards the computer --- to be precise, I am indulged in the blogging issue! I need a new header and a fresh-looking skin very badly but I just don’t have the spared time to do it. Another two days to go, and I will get them done :D

:( Exam kills!

It had been quite some time since I actually chat for hours with people. All the texts I received are regarding studies, tips, and trials… utterly nothing else! And I rarely have the chance to chat leisurely with the friends since everyone focuses on the exam nowadays.

Even this horror yet hilarious movie that is shown in cinema since ages ago also I haven’t watch yet T_T. What a failure… Three weeks living with books ONLY really make me moody and upset :X

And when I reach home, my only entertainment is Sudoku [besides blogging of course]. Oh I am into the addiction brought by JoeyC :D. Whenever I am at home, this happens--- While that person is so into her fairytale life with the new boyfriend until I rarely talk more than ten words with her in a day, I also don’t have the time to watch my usual favourite drama series.

:(( Thank God these are coming to an end very soon. I need the hundred reasons to smile everyday…

The promise between us

Please tell me that the reflection is beautiful xD! Finally this replaces the old, missing one. And I heart this a lot for it looks extraordinarily better than others in the mall. I try hope not to lose it again =X

*I don’t wish to cry myself to sleep night after night*

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