31 October, 2009

:D I L♥VE food!

Event: Photography Club Annual Dinner Venue: Shabu Shabu Japanese Steamboat Buffet
Time: 6.30pm to 10.30pm

The various types of food :)
From Japanese food to fresh seafood, you can never feel unsatisfied with the meal!

Only 3 choices of soup are available --- Original, Tom Yam and Miso soup.
And mine is Miso with egg scattered in it. Vivi would surely love this! :P

It is pretty convenient that we can get everything we want from the belt,
because we don’t need any impolite waiter to serve us :X!

The presentees: 20 people--- Keiyan, FiSh, Vivi, Shinmei, Spell, Joeyc, Jiameng, Jianhong Fungsoon, Yingyee, Annli, Teeyen, Leon, Leechin, Junyeong, Wenlee, Wenyen, Chinthong, Boonpin and Kahherng. [I hope I didn't miss out anyone this time!]
Since there are so many of us, so we are separated into 5 tables. And we made lots of noisy with vulgarities again :X! Kinda disturb other customers I know = =

Credits to Chinthong for snapping this.

:D It is my very first time taking picture with Jun Yeong.
I felt bad for making him to take shots again and again
until I got satisfied with our expressions in photographs :X!

My favourite CRABBY!

Observe this cute creature--- It has two limpid eyes, with cheerful smile in the middle.
Can you see this? :D Use a lil’ imagination, hahas.

The cooked one :D Whenever I go for Chinese feast, I would always ask Dad to order a plate of crab = = although Dad always complain that crab is expensive.

T___________________T! I feel heart-broken!
For the first time, Vivi showed middle finger to me with an angry expression!

Kenny Lum ; Crazy of ice-cream with me :D

I think I had a lot of ice cream, 3 scoops of each flavour and I tried 6 flavours only--- Chocolate with chips, vanilla, strawberry, honey dew [The best one ever!], cappuccino with chips, raspberry.

And I feel that it is not enough yet T________T!

Thanks Boon Pin for this. The green one is not mint but HONEY DEW :D

The receipt. A whole bunch of small kids spent this much on a dinner and paid CASH xD

And this is belongs to me
Credits to Wai Lun’s sifu for becoming the judge.
Go here for further information about the competition =)

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