04 November, 2009

The Birthday

lHappy Sweet 16 to Shin Mei!

Stay pretty and sexy like Lady Gaga always :D

The celebration was yesterday. Attended by 15 of us. And I bet it was just a simple celebration due to the financial inconvenience experienced by most of us. Anyway I hope that she really had a great night there with the most awesome birthday present ever (:

The sweet picture of them =)

I don’t want to combine this with others because I feel that this picture is special xDD! Darling Mei, if you need this, do grab it here, no copyright written on this photograph :X

We’re now in November already, which means exam is only two weeks away. Less and less visitors would drop by here, since the Form4s are also having their finals now. Books are our main concern for this whole month =) But I just never stop blogging and playing Café World.

My first birthday present Thanks for being so early for the present. And this is the first time I actually receive a watch and a super long letter for my birthday xD

Hint: JJ’s and Jin Sha’s.

I know it is kinda early to mention bout my great day now. But I also realize that time is not allowing me to update bout crap anymore :( Mum disallows me to celebrate the day on the exact date because it is really near to exam. According to her, we should avoid ourselves from any incidents such as falling sick, getting injury etc. So the conclusion is: No celebration.

However I do hope that she is not taking her words seriously and by next week I really hope my wish to come true :(( 9 more days to go; and I am waiting.

I heart my Lovely Door!
:D This picture shows how much I am addicted to this Facebook game.

From penniless, I have now become a millionaire earned enough coins to remodel the whole café into a pink one. But since the days are approaching nearer and nearer, I think I should stop playing this. Just for a month! I hope I can control myself :X

Nobody is going to sit on this anymore :(

After a whole month of staying at my house, Grandma is now being sent back to my hometown. Since her health condition is improving, Dad said that she doesn’t need to go back and forth to the hospital anymore.

And everything would be a turnover again. Nobody is going to chat with me from day to night. Without Grandma protecting me, Mum would start nagging me for touching the computer everyday.

I miss her a lot, really


  1. Your grandma so kind, protect you! Now she has gone back to hometown then you will feel lonely... Am i right? Then the chair you can sit while you reading books on the preparation for SPM. Good luck!~

  2. thanks, i really felt better (: Yeaps, the loneliness is soemthing indescribable. too bad, Mum kept away the chair already since nobody needs it there anymore )):


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