06 October, 2009

Two days of holiday.

Tomorrow. October 7 :
Happy 17 , Bran.
Thanks for being one of the important person walking into my life once upon a time ago.
P/S: I know you're reading this =P

And…to my sweetie pie:

Happy Birthday, Lyn!
Thanks for being there for me all the time,

I heart you too. This phrase comes up from my deepest heart core.
Am looking forward to tomorrow :D

In conjunction to PMR examination in secondary, my school only reserves two days of continuous holiday for us when I learned that some schools are having holiday until this Thursday. Wow, four days of staying at home, what would you do if not playing computer? :X

I have moved to the other room )): with Bunny, Beanie, Tiggie and Piggy.
Hahas. Quite a lot of them :X

My two days holiday is not a holiday basically. My grandma from my hometown has been brought to my house, sleeping with us. She will be sleeping in my air-conditioned room, coz’ the weather in the hometown is usually much cooler than here.

The reason she came? She was cycling in the hometown when she fell and hurt her spinal cord. Further report regarding her health condition is soon to be revealed. But for the time being we were all very concerned bout her, because she can’t really walk now.

An old building ; Somewhere at Jalan Pahang I think.
I actually suspected it having SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) because of the choking smell everywhere = =

An 70++-year-old woman wants to be admitted into this hospital. She heard from people in the village saying that this hospital is really good that the specialist cures the patients in a matter of 3 days. How hilarious, Grandma was eager to go into this hospital.

She said that just 3 days of staying there for RM3000++, then everything will be fine, and she will be back to normal = = Alright, don’t blame her for such a thinking (: Knowledge always prevail.

During these Monday and Tuesday, I only go back and forth from home to hospital, looking after my grandma. How bout studies? LoL, telah diabaikan =X!

Sorry people whom I didn’t reply their sms ):
I am
running low of credit OUT OF CREDIT.
Left RM 0.01 left with the expiry date of 1 November 2009.
This means that I have overused my one-month credit = =
Hey people, do wait till I reload. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I knew I onlined and smsed more and more nowadays.
Seems like what’s happening next is unimportant?
And you someone else is more important?
:(( I feel sorry to myself.

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