07 October, 2009

Lyn's Celebration at Canteen

The presentees:
Sock Kwan, JoeyC, ViviC, Chee Kuan, Shin Mei, Kei Yan, FiSh, Jia Meng, Jian Hong, Spell, Fung Soon, Leon, Kien Bing, Kui Seong, Szu Wah, Lip Kin, Kheng Yang, Soon Yuen, Jia Ying.

P/S: Don’t kill me if I’ve missed anyone!

I skipped assembly today to put the cake into the fridge in the canteen with Kheng Yang since Spell ffk-ed me. Then one Malay lady was very kind to reserve a place for us to put it in, but the other one was yelling at us, warning us to take back the cake immediately. Anyway we just ignored her xD.

The birthday girl wanted to kiss the girl on the cake actually :)

I know you all wanna praise me that I've chosen a pretty cake xDD!! Actually when I was buying this, I was actually hesitating and not sure if I should really get this design.I think it was like a small kid’s design, but this is CUTE right??

P/S: Spell said it looked like Carol =P

The "funny" perfume from all of us. A small gift is more than enough to express our love towards Lyn.
Darling, hope you love this :)

She looks awesome everyday! :D
And for the first time, she didn't cover her face entirely when I am taking photo of her.

I love this!!
The packaging is so charming :D from S&J gift house.
Jenhoe, saya jealous la =P [Muahahas!]

All of us :) --- Not many people were present to school today due to PMR examination.

And we were pretending to do Add Maths question while chatting =P
And Lynn has a special place in our group here x)
Chee Kuan purposely came during recess just to have the celebration for her.

Lynn, we love you so much.

After school, Lyn went to my house to meet my grandmother. It was only one or two months ago when she last visited my house but she has forgotten where's the place ): Hahas. Anyway, how nice of her to chat with my grandma. Look, she has many presents in her hand :D

:) We hope that the upcoming celebration would be as fun as today!

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