20 November, 2009

Exam and you.

The good thing today: Four subjects have gone by :D
And the bad thing: EST IS IMMENSELY TOUGH! )":

I missed the moment of tuition classes T______________T... During the final class of Mathematics tuition, I skipped it again due to being lackadaisical at the moment. However, the tutor was kind enough to provide us the notes and the important information about exam.

This is the piece he distributed to every student :)

All the SPM candidates do not have much time left for preparation of SPM. At this eleventh hour, do prepare yourself mentally and physically instead of intellectually :D

The advice from experts:
Finish up all the past year questions and trial papers from all over Malaysia. But as for me, until today I couldn’t manage to finish everything yet because it was really too much to be done T_T.

Do take good care of your body and mind

T________T The upcoming weeks would be certainly a boring one without outings and parties. My self-discipline is very low that I can never refrain myself from touching the PC everyday, I really don’t know how am I going to survive through the tough weeks.

=) Written by an English man.

No matter how important exam is, do not get overly into the issue and abandon the people around you. I admit that I am so wrong because I am one of those who reduce keeping in pace with the loved ones around me :(

All the best in exams, people!

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