09 November, 2009

MTD’s ramalan. Please come out exactly like this in SPM paper.

:( I have only 9 days left before the History exam begins.
Gulps. Scares. Blend of indescribable feelings are here.
The days are getting nearer and nearer, including the countdown of 4 days.
But Mr. Daiva said it would sound longer if we count it by hours, minutes and seconds.
Opps :X
We have more than 200 hours left before The Big Exam! :D

Until today, I am so indulged into History
But am busy with the forecast SPM result and money collection in school.
And the graduation stuff + National Service application stuff at home.


I know this would be a tiring week )):

Upcoming events:
ZETRO trip. Photo session. Graduation’s rehearsal. Graduation day. SPM.

Chatted with you for a while. It feels like one year ago. I’d wish to be like last time
P/S: Am waiting for my Chicken Gyro and Fries to be cooked :P

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