07 November, 2009

Teacher’s Birthday ♥

It was a sudden plan for a surprise for her because we didn’t prepare anything for her until recess time. DaddyLoke fetched YeeWen and I to the bakery shop although it was raining. We chose the smallest cake [6” only I think :X] because not many of us would join for this celebration.

She was surprised :D

YeeWen went to get a few people into the Editorial Room while I waited for Mr. Siva to borrow a lighter from him. Everyone went into the room to prepare, while I tried to get Ms. Liew into the room by lying to her xD.

As planned, I told her that something was wrong to the computer that everything was undone due to this inconvenience. She indeed looked anxious and rushed to the room with me.

The first sentence she blurted out was,
“You lie to me!”

Muahahahs. It was a very simple celebration actually, attended by JoeyC, Babyboo, Keiyan, JunYeong, Amanda, YeeWen and I. and the ambience was a lil’ odd :X

The cake is a very healthy one, named charcoal cake.

Honestly I didn’t hear of such a name before and it was not suitable for a sweet tooth.
However, health-conscious people would love this a lot =)

Countdown: 6 days ; My wish is not going to come true )):

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