31 December, 2009

Holiday Projects

Here we come to an end in 2009.
Before the last day of the year ends, let me do some meaningful lil' projects to reminisce the year.


Time to pack up my stuff! I spent my night writing my names on everything I would bring to National Service camp. In case that people might steal my belongings, I have had to label every single thing including these small pegs! ;D

The messy bed with all the stuff I'm going to bring there. It is really a lot here. 2 bags are just right enough for me ): Awww. And I am going to collapse soon for carrying two whole bags of rocks-weighed luggages T_T


:D I spent my whole afternoon yesterday renovating my whole cafe. Obviously I spent 823k cafe coins on this loveydovey cafe =X Less pink, and people would probably love it more. I am still so addicted to this Facebook game although many people around me have quitted this long ago.


Can you sense maturity in my new header? Muahahahs.

New header for the new year =X The pinkfishie was used for less than a month but I am already getting bored of it. Anyway I always stick to my favourite pink and white theme.

To make a shell frame:
All that you need include:
Fancy puncher, Super glue, Shells, Blade cutter, Cardboard, coloured paper, water resistant spray.
Only an hour, and you can finish doing this ;D

Ta-daa! I made one previously and it was unsuccessful because the colour of the words smeared when I used the transparent spray to coat the surface. So this is my second masterpiece; Currently belongs to him (:

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