30 December, 2009

Genting One Day Trip

We gathered at Bukit Jalil LRT station and headed to Titiwangsa station to board the bus, only RM6.60 for the bus ticket, with the poor condition of the bus and the service =X It really looks like U71, making me feeling dizzy and wanna vomite =X

The Genting mascot :D
Always the combination of the God of Fortune and Santa Claus during this season.

The first thing we did once we reached is EATING :D Everyone was hungry actually around 10.30 a.m. Hou Mei Restaurant was our choice, and the picture at top left is my “Hou Mei Special Noodle”, I really didn’t know what is special until it arrived at my table. Oh it was only a bowl of maggi mee which costs me RM16.70 =.=”

I went to the Genting indoor theme park a.k.a. arcade with Vivi and Kui Seong, while the others went for snooker.

Left: We managed to win a large packet of popcorns by spinning the wheel:D
Top middle: Xmas teddy from Famous Amos T_T Wanted to buy this. But it is RM6.90 so forget bout it ):
Bottom middle: Honey bee Huge, difficult to win this
Right: Machine of fish game :D

Goodbye Yang for three months T_T! I miss Bun too.

13 of us went for the movie “The Treasure Hunter” starring Jay Chou and Lin Chi-ling. Rated 2/5 by this blogger. The movie is really super boring if you aren’t an action movie lover. 3 strangers beside Bun went out of the cinema halfway during the movie =X! Now can you imagine how suck is that movie?

It is raining outside, yet we went out to feel the breezy air and mist.
And I always failed in jumping shots ):

Oh I promised Vivi not to upload her solo pictures in my blog =X
but still if you wanna view it, do CLICK for my Facebook album xD!

Our group picture. Only 11 of us in this photograph.
With 2 photographers: Spell and Fungsoon.

Finally we boarded the delayed bus [Yes it was supposed to arrive at 7.30pm but it reached at 8pm] and headed to Sri Steven’s Corner [It had shifted to the corner shoplot behind Star Village in OUG]. Reached home around 11.30pm (:

Thanks everyone for the great outing! :D We shall go for the next trip after I’m back from National Service k? *wink*

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