04 December, 2009

If you’re still figuring how to do this, quit it because Physics is finally over :D You don’t have to scratch your head more than a thousand times just for those calculations anymore.

Thanks Mr. Lim (LS) for the PTK seminar and forecast questions T_T!
His is really accurate, much better than those websites :X

Chemistry tips is already available in www.andrewchoo.edu.my (although only 10% of it would be accurate =X). I’m lucky to not have Chinese paper so that I can have a week extra to en-JOY before heading to the PLKN programme. The toughest week finally went by, and now it’s almost pomp and galore season =)

The Accounts tutor

I miss this kind tutor of mine, probably because he had promised me a birthday present without keeping his words. The Accounts paper last few days was still the toughest paper for me in SPM 2009. Why? New format questions, with tricky calculations for Paper 2.

Mr. Bong (the picture above) gave us 100% accurate tips--- all the topics he mentioned really came out.
Yet I still don’t get my accounts sheet balanced :”(

Four days of holiday I have now, before the last Big Exam Day.

  • Resume reading Breaking Dawn (Only 100 pages to go T_T)
  • Resume throwing all thick, heavy books
  • Resume renovating the pink cafĂ©
  • Create a new account for Blogger
  • New blog url coming soon!

:D I have a longer to-do list actually *wink*

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