03 January, 2010

Do miss me, dear readers!

The last post before I go to National Service.

National service..
Program Latihan Khidmat Negara..
Sorry to keep bothering you with this stupid phrase.

Yang left to Sarawak at 5.00 p.m. yesterday.
While Fung Soon went off yesterday’s morning to Maran, Pahang.
Thanks to these two persons who have been smsing me for the whole day :)

And I am leaving later at 8.30 a.m. Will reach the camp in an hour time I think.
If you really miss me, then do text me at 016-306xx88 around this hour
before my phone will be kept by the commanders of the camp.

The 20 things/people I will miss when I’m away from home:

1. HOME! That’s a sure thing
2. 9 fishies ♥♥♥
3. BitBit ♥♥
4. BabyTigger
5. BestieSpellman
6. BestieVivian
7. BestieKeiiyans
8. Yang ):
9. Turtle )):
10. JoeyC
11. BabyMina
12. Fungsoon
13. Family
14. The outside world
15. The secret readers of my blog (:
17. Shopping!
18. Café World
19. Facebook-ing
20. Blogging ):

Actually I have a lot more to miss. Should have made the list goes to 100 things&people. But time isn't allowing me to do that, I am sorry ):

To everyone I know,
DO enjoy your working life or college life.
DO stay strong with every obstacle you meet (: So will I.

---The most recent photograph of the blogger--- In case that you would forget her face after months of not seeing her LOL =X

Anyway I hope I would still online via mobile in National Service camp during these 72 days there. And I will certainly be back home during Chinese New Year!

Do date me out during the week of 14th February 2010! =P


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