13 February, 2010

High school mates, I miss you!

Chinese styled reunion dinner.
At Restoran 88, OUG; 8pm.
With 15 handsome guys and pretty girls, stuffing ourselves around one table.

7 dishes, along with wine. The celebration has just begun!
It had been so long since I last ate pork =X

Just a month of not seeing them, everyone seems to have led their new life and undergoes positive changes.
But one thing doesn’t change--- The vulgars.
Hahahs! Long time of not hearing these already xD! Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful dinner!

Separated; The four of us who struggle our life in PLKN camps.

It seems like their camps have more social ills than mine,
and I am so glad and fortunate to be placed to Kem PLKN Paya Indah for God’s sake.
It is almost H-E-A-V-E-N when to be compared to others.

Hahas. He finally agreed to take photograph with his SHINY head :D
Nice experiencing bald head in National Service.

Hair grows quickly, if you realize (:

We chatted till almost midnight at the restaurant, until the workers told us to leave coz’ they need to tidy up the place already. Khuan Jin couldn’t gather with us there, but he called via 3G from Penang to see us ;D How nice of him!

Headed to Fung Soon’s house after the reunion dinner.
Cheekuan and Vivian didn’t come along coz’ they need to go back to their hometown early in this morning.

Darlings are busy chatting and taking photographs, but… Spellman was sitting there, emo-ing.
I hope the rainbow over the clouds could appear in your heart soon

I really talked a lot throughout the night!
Perhaps it is because I hadn’t been speaking that much of Cantonese for the past month.

The night ended as soon as more and more people are going home.
As usual, Yang fetched me home, and reached home around 1.45am.

Slept around 2.30am last night this morning (first time of sleeping that late in 2010 so far!).
And have had to cancel the outing with Steven coz’ I was darn exhausted.

Lastly, thanks Vivian, the great organizer for bringing me this much of fun!

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