14 February, 2010

Welcome, TIGER♥!

*Pictures taken at Dong Zen Temple
The Year of Tiger 2010 officially starts today!

Yes it is that time of the year again! Where you get Ang Pow, dried meats, plenty of food and tonnes of tidbits! Of course, I remember once upon a time we actually had firecrackers and fireworks to add to that list... but well... that's becoming increasingly rare now~

"Special thanks to Mr. Murugan for calling me up just to wish me Happy CNY.
It’s not easy to have a tutor who doesn’t forget to catch up with me all the time
although I am no longer his student this year."

The reunion dinner last night was similar to the year before.
Supposed to go to the temple early in the morning but I woke up late, so Mama left me at home.

Routine of the year: Going to Klang for the whole day.
;D The blogger had a great day of eating today.

The must-have--- Lou Sang.

Oh PORK! I heart it way too much, for not being to eat this for a month!

The first day of CNY is imperfect without shandy, coz' I terribly hate beer =X

帆风顺,龙腾飞,阳开泰,季平安,福临门, 六大顺,星高照,方来财,九同心,全十美,事亨通,事吉祥,事如意

P/S: Happy Valentine's Day
Thanks for the pressie; I was silent, I didn't know how to respond.

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