12 February, 2010

My January 2010 in camp

Disclaimer: What I’m going to write are my personal experience and thoughts.

Everyone knows that, if you’re enrolled in our country’s National Service programme. Other than having 3 months of Malaysian-PLKN-style-training, you’ll have 6 meals a day too. So, lots of people argued about the outcome of PLKN. Some say, we will become fat, some say the opposite…

Let’s take a look at the time table for each meal…
· 6.30am – Morning exercise
· 7.30am – Breakfast
· 8.30am – Class
· 10.30am – Tea break
· 11.00am – Continue class
· 12.30pm – Lunch & rest (on Friday, 12noon)
· 2.30pm – Physical Class (on Friday, 2.45pm)
· 4.30pm – Tea Break
· 5.30pm – Recreation
· 6.30pm – Dinner
· 7.00pm-9.00pm – Prayer for Muslims
· 9.00pm – Night activity (Watch DVD; Talks; Games)
· 10.30pm – Supper
· 11.30pm – Lights off

As you can see, I get a chance to fill your stomach in an average 2 hours. We just don’t have the time to feel hungry.

According to my Camp Commander, the meals are set by JLKN and every camp in Malaysia are having the same set of diet. For example, if you’re having a chicken rice lunch, other camps are having the same too.

The foodstuffs are all HALAL, but sometimes the menu varies from Malay food to Chinese food. For example, the herbal chicken we Chinese used to eat. But my camp trainers said Selangor camps serve the tastiest food in the whole Malaysia, yet lots of people are complaining about the food

Yeah right. I am getting fatter and fatter :D

The routine Sunday. Carried out our beds to get them some sunlight and kill germs. Mopped the cement ground of our dorm. And cleaned our kolam mandi. Everyone simply worked hard to keep the whole dorm clean and tidy!

Since the very first day in camp, I keep a diary, jotting down the activities I did each day. Surprisingly I am writing less and less of complaints as days go by.

3 Jan – 10 Jan: Almost free all the time, no activities yet.
11 Jan: KKJ (Kontrak Kita Janji) presentation for my Charlie group :D
19 Jan: Last day of Module 1 of Character Building class. Shedded tears for having to separate with the people.
25 Jan: Fell sick--- throbbing stomach pain and nausea.
26 Jan: SPOT CHECK in dorm! *scared*
27 Jan: Rakit and kayak day!

28 Jan: Juggling performance day
29 Jan: Drama performance in class
30 Jan: Karaoke at the hall
1 Feb – 4 Feb: Program Integrasi, lecturers from Universiti Islam Antarabangsa came
5 Feb: Musical sketch on stage
9 Feb: Kembara Halangan day. *tiring!*
10 Feb:
Visit to Paya Indah Wetlands :D Fed hippopotamus with bananas
11 Feb: Flying fox!


Credits to Wen for editting this pictures.

Million thanks to the people in photo,
for keeping me alive and making me survive till the 40th day in camp.

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  1. i was the only chinese girl in KKJ presentation too~~~ miss my camp sooo much!
    kayak-ing with besties , rakit-ing holding my Delta flag....Miss camp,campers and coaches~~

    live life to the fullest, n enjoy this stressless lifetoo the fullest be4 enter Uni o~~

    -take care-


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