03 April, 2010


For the first time, Papa drove me to Sunway Pyramid just because I told him that I am keen on a pair of silver shoes from ShoezObsession I saw last week. Mama tagged along too, having some fun in doing the shopping.

Reached there around noon, and lunched here--- It is located at Ground Floor, opposite Manhattan Fish Market. But still the same outlet at The Pavilion serves tastier food, probably because of the chef problem LOL


The speciality of this restaurant is obviously RA-MEN, so Dad ordered this--- Hokkaido ramen.
A delicious one

And my Kimchi Ramen. Ohmygawd this bowl of noodle was goddamn spicy and I promised I won’t try this anymore next time T_T!

Mama’s dried curry udon. This is great too, rated 8/10! Only priced at RM19.00

Da-pau-ed a dozen of J. Co doughtnuts home too, since I had a sweet tooth all in a sudden.

And I just got myself a cute pair of Hello Kitty flats ♥
Instead of the silver pair I saw last week, coz’ it is out of my size = =

Apparently I’m not a great fans of Hello Kitty, but at the first sight of seeing this, I just fell in love with it (:

Oh ya.
CottonOn is having superb SALES out there.
2 for RM39, 2 for RM69. Ballerina flats at only RM29 each.
God I’m crazy with this, I bought a lot unnecessarily again ;X

Please bank-in my salary a.s.a.p, dear company }}}

P/S: Sorry Yang coz' I ffk-ed you again = =


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