08 April, 2010

Lots of blessing from God™

Yay! We’re here today, with hundreds of smartie-and-nerdy-looking people scattered in this huge building. Sorry didn’t manage a shot of that entire building =/

Right after sunrise; The design of the buildings in Putrajaya is awesome!
But Jenhoe would build better ones in future, right, future architect?

Our purpose of the day.
Thousands of applicants but less than 10% would be chosen ):
Tough eh?

The main concourse is grand… but empty = = People there just don’t need to work? ;X

The moment I stepped into the grand hall, I saw HweeYee! NS friend.
Then I came across ZiSong’s name on the list, NS friend again.
Right before the interview, I met Zaty, NS friend again and again.

Wow. Now I realize my camp has a lot of smarties xD!

My breakfast at the cafeteria: 2 bucks only! ;D

The lady in orange rushed me to binge in the food quickly coz’ the interview session was going to start in just 10 minutes @_@ missed my precious time to enjoy hot Milo.

The Story:

I am the lucky number 5 out of the group of 5 person,
Meaning that I’m the last one to speak =X

My group consists of 2 Malay girls, 1 Chinese boy, 1 Chinese girl (me) and 1 Indian guy. Everyone chooses the different course, meaning what the seniors told me is not true = =

My interview started off like this…

Panel: Boleh perkenalkan diri anda?
I: Saya Fong Sze Hui dari SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling.
Panel: Oh Seri Petaling, banyak crime kat situ kan?
I: Ya, baru-baru ni ada kes pecah rumah ke ejen insurans (IF you read the newspaper)

*blablabla* I explained bout the CRIME instead of doing my INTRO =.=”

Next Question:
Why do you choose this course (accounting for me)?

The guy before me who opted accountings too, said that he chose this because he loves counting money $$$. Ahahahas! Everyone laughed, and the friendliness made me less nervous (:

And my reason is lame: I love solving problems because accounting is not just about numbers, but the entire problems in the business world every day.

Next Question:
Where do you prefer? Name the university.

Screw it. I don’t have a single idea of the universities’ name so I just copied the fella before me and yelled out the name of Oxford University in UK proudly ;D

Next question:
Name me the first Ketua Audit Negara.

OmG. I seriously don’t know, that’s the bad part of the interview =/

Panel: What do you do in our Jabatan Perbendaharaan Negara in future?
I: I would plan technology-based projects to produce vibrant economy.
Panel: How? Like what?
I: Eco-tourism projects in sub-urbans blabla~ (The crap went on)

So I was actually discussing what an engineer should do instead of an accountant’s job. Out of topic liao. Sigh.

Discussion part.
“The Ministry of Education has an emphasis on sports in school. Why should the government do so?”

Okay. This part is simple. Thank God.
And it is the only part in English =.=”

For me, the entire interview was all about shooting = =

We main tembak when answering the questions,
and the panels tembak us back with all sorts of questions.

One whole hours of playing the shooting game and everything ended.

Sorry, Papa doesn’t know how to snap a clear picture yet =/

I was dressed in the Malay traditional clothes, hoping to get more impression marks xD
Many people said it would help, and indeed many Chinese and Indian wore this.

Thanks Papa and Mama for spending their whole morning to accompany me to this place. They must be bored of waiting for us from 8a.m. till 11.00a.m. =/

Lord, please bless both of us, as well as Chee Kuan to get this scholarship!

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  1. wow really tough interview,
    hope u get to further ur studies overseas.. ^^,


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