09 April, 2010

The mixed concoction.

*Yawn*! I just reached home from work,

my days there are just ordinary ones.

But today, Happy Birthday to Ms. Christina, my senior there! ;D

Thanks for the piece of cake from TheCoffeeBean

KL Massive Traffic Jams

This happens on my every working day.

I don’t get bored of facing the PC everyday,

But the traffic congestion drives me real crazy!

I was also bored in the office,

hence texted with my sort-of new friends since all the old besties are too busy to even reply me ):

Sotsotboii told me

He has a job selling watch at Times Square,

Basic pay: RM1800 , commission: 2.75%

Really the HIGHest pay I've heard of for SPM leavers.

Should I go for it?

If you’re looking for lucrative part time job,

Do not hesitate to visit AsiaPartTime.com ! [CLICKable]

Oh ya.
And I went for blog walking just now and found this at Fang’s bloggie:

Calculate the speed of your website loads!
It looks interesting to me so I tried it.

This is the proof of mine (; Before editting the blogskin, it only takes 0.14 seconds, but now it takes more than twice the speed before!

Ohmygawd. Do tell me if you find my blog slow to load )':

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  1. Haha, will it be too late if I just saw my name here? LOL ~

    How did you type my name with my link but it just shown my name in your blog? when ppl click thru can do directly my blog... I dunno how to do it. =(

    Thanks for everything !! ^_^


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