16 May, 2010

6 New Changes in ohFISHiee@bs.com

I just replaced some of the blings which were coming off from my pink slider. Oh I can’t get rid of these diamonds even when I am sick. Don’t worry readers, I only have fever and sore throat.

I kept this with me during the torturing night, in fact it helped cooling my forehead =)

My breakfast, lunch and dinner = =
Thank God that bread nowadays come in all flavours ;D

The fever medicine costs me RM40!

I didn’t realize that medicine fees are rising because when I was in camp, the medication given was FREE of charge ;D

Anyway during my resting hours, I tried to beautify this site besides just sleeping and daydreaming on the bed.

And I finally came up with the “6 New Changes in ohFISHiee@bs.com”!

I’ve been changing my layout again, again and again! Repeatedly. Continuously. Finally now I hope I can bring up this sort-of new look to you people and stick with this skin (;


;D Added this yesterday! This camera icon is known as favicon.

Wanna get one for your site too?
This is very simple. No tutorial needed.
Just copy and paste the code you want (;

Do look for more favicon codes on: --- CLICK ---
Can create your own favicon here too ;D

Many of you may not have notice this. From the readymade reaction button by Blogger, I recently added this “LIKE” button from Facebook. Hopefully you would click more on it (;

And this too! I’ve created a page (no longer known as FAN page). It is available at the sidebar, below the chatbox. Instead of becoming a fan, you can just click LIKE whenever you find my blog interesting. And let’s be supportive, won’t you? (;

Also, I just made a new layout for my chatbox too! (;
Find it sweet and cute? Hahas.

Tutorial for making a tagboard layout:

1.Download the above code here.
2. Login into your cbox account
3. Enter the “Publish” section

Copy the url on the third line as shown above
5. Create a border for your chatbox, according to your own creativity.
6. Host your image on Photobucket or Imageshack and copy its URL.
7. Paste the URL in the space provided.
8. DONE!

Anyway, there are more pre-made skins on: --- CLICK ---

And a newly added wishlist ;D ;D
I think marquee style is simple right? Many know how to make it,
so no tutorial needed for this.
Anyway, I do hope to have all these fulfilled by end of this year. Hopefully.

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