23 May, 2010

New again. Shouldn’t give up.

I’m back after a three-days hiatus. Was being a busybee with the appeal for JPA scholarship.

If you’re not selected for the scholarship award like me,
don’t give up and do you appealing via JPA official website.

Also, as a Chinese, I personally think that appealing via MCA youth organization stands me a higher chance too. Download the Borang Rayuan here :)

Like everyone else, I don’t see why must the government gives me this offer. Since a 13As scholar couldn’t get, how bout me with only 10As? Anyway giving it a try brings no harm right? (:

As you see here, I come up with a new layout again ;D The current main theme is brown and cherry pink combination ;D I only thought of cuppacakes when seeing these colours!

Hope you like it!

Do you realize, when you highlight the texts here, it would turn pink? ;D

Wanna make for your site too? It is very simple; only ONE step needed! Tee-hee ;D

Copy the code above and paste to your template/layout >>> AFTER “ body {

You can opt for other colours besides pink,
Have fun trying!


  1. 10 As? wow! u r vry lucky cuz go in girl.. :)

  2. good luck to you!last hair i go to interview wf brown hair,but stil got scholarship.....

  3. @girlmansion#:
    heees. thanks ;D

    omg really? o.O maybe u really performed well (;


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