15 June, 2010

Barbie reunites with beau Ken!

Remember my previous entry about “My favourite Toy Story 3 toy is Peas-In-A-Pod”? ;D Yes yes yes. I am one of the 50 lucky Glitteratti members who got two tickets from Nuffnang to watch the Toy Story 3 in 3D yesterday!

This picture is messy, I don’t know what am I concentrating at .____.

Meet and Greet Toy Story 3 characters here!

Pay and you can pose with them like this.

This is available in Mid Valley for this whole month.
I wanted to take picture with them.
But.. All I saw were kids posing with this,
So malu-lah if I pose like those kids there T_______T

The exclusive TS3 Popcorn at GSC cinemas.

We were the first few pairs who entered the cinema. The theatre is kinda small, only occupies 100 people. The movie was great, seriously rated

9.5 / 10

Let me introduce you with some of the interesting characters here:

Lots’of Hugging Bear ;D
Looks kawaii right? But he is the most evil character in Toy Story 3 ever!

Meet Buzz here ;D

He is a robot? An astronaut?
No no. He’s an awesome dancer in this latest movie! ;D

The dinosaur who loses its tail, thanks to the mischievous kids in Sunnyside!

If you were to ask whom did I go with, here’s my sister, on the right ;D ;D

Ok-lah, only one camwhore picture k? Love you, readers!

Nang if you love this (;


  1. Yeeeee, jealous XD I wanna watch!

  2. Oh is you... I walk into cinema right behind you only...

    Nice movie, I will write one post on it tomorrow maybe...

  3. @henry chill la =)

    @fishy awesome movie? =P

  4. Wow, enjoyable time with Nuffnang!! haha, i didn't won the ticket to toy stroy 3 =((

  5. The bear can be forgiven coz its cute^^

  6. cool :D

    kapan ya disini ada kaya gitu?

  7. Agggghhh, so good u can watch it 3 days earlier. I'm gonna watch the toy story 3 on Saturday!

  8. @Vince: watch on the 17th!

    @DSvT: OMG i cant recognize peeps there T_T

    @Henry: go with Vince on 17th!

    @Kianfai: YES must watch!

    @Paradise: Plenty of chances nextime =)

    @Kelvin: the bear yes, but not the baby LOLLL

    @Naharism: err x pehem .__.

    @MsXeRoZ: yay! this sat do enjoy!

  9. I want to watch that show so badly! :(

  10. *envy* Im so gonna watch it in 3D soon, I guess! sigh

  11. Fish you are so lucky!! But me!! Sigh!! Cheers for you!!

  12. I'm so jealous! I'm so dying to watch Toy Story 3 =P

  13. must watch it again and again and again and again again again agafainsdsd!

  14. TOY STORY! London premier is so slow! Not out yet!

  15. @Yi han: watch tmr =D

    @hilda: just one more day to go, be patient!

    @Kelvin: oklah maybe kids love kids movie rite after all ==

    @nicole: there's always chances out ther, dont be sad

    @HaoYi: OmG buy pirated dvd now to watch den xD

    @nesca: yes yes! Must! Let's go =D

    @Nigel: aww why so slow ):

  16. TOY STORY 3~~So cute!!!!Love it :P

  17. i love love love toy story 3.
    LOL you blog damn fast la wei. Advertlet's screening was last week and i havent even blog yet ~__~

  18. @hoay: hehes must watch k? x)

    @perfectionista: hahas i just have nothing to do at home, life isnt as colorful as yours there hun ;)

  19. wah!! free ticket.... so syiokkk...


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