12 June, 2010

I’ve survived among 10900 people!

Article from The Star, 11 June 2010

There’re plenty of complaints regarding the scholarships allocation for SPM leavers. Now the government puts up more places for excellent students, to pursue their ambitions.

Thank God, my appeal via MCA really works!


The government is going to sponsor my full foundation to degree-in-accounting course,
which worths RM 56,000! Still excluding my living cost ;D

I was goddamn happy when I checked my result. It was like the best gift ever.
But when I think deeply, I am unsure if I shall accept the offer.

#1 FREE! Who doesn’t want it?
#2 Only 1% burden to my family, 99% happiness.
#3 Independent. Would live alone in Malacca.
#4 Freedom! I love’em.
#5 Job secured. Gonna work for government after that.


#1 Separated from my darling buddies!
#2 MMU isn’t the best accounting school.
#3 Have to wash clothes etc by myself! Back to NS life.
#4 No more joining Nuffnang activities in KL.
#5 Away from home. Not 1 or 2 months. But 4 years!

I don’t know how long would the list be if I continue typing here.
This is my course, starting on the last week of June!

I have to decide by next Friday, only a few days left!
Whether to accept or reject the offer?

In a million of flowers, where shall the truth lies?

Nang if you love this (;


  1. Hey Dear...If i am not mistaken, you are bond to work with Government right after graduated? Are you ok with it???

    Away from home for 4 yrs, i believe you can do it. It's fun...hope you do enjoy ur Uni life, no regrets :-)

  2. well, if it's the course u want. why not?

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  3. congrats and good luck in your studies!

  4. omg, congrats! it's not easy to get biasiswa from our government especially when we're chinese. so don't miss this chance, if you're okay w/ accounting course then you should go for it. all the best! :D

  5. Congratz! You are one of the rare! =)

  6. ohhh... this is the thing that you couldnt decide ey? well the choice is in ur hand.. choose wisely! :D

  7. My opinion, if it's free it is not necessary the best since lots of ppl never appreciate free stuff. Hope u are not the one ya? Job secured, well u got it right but its really tough to work with the government, not because of stress but its the working culture with the malays....

    Well, friends can be find at anywhere. You can still contact ur friends when u enter U. MMU definitely not the best accounting school! True! Also Nuffnang activities are not as important as ur future life? Ur parents more important rite? Which is one of the reason why u pursue ur education! Last but not least... guys love independent woman... so learn to be one ya!

    Overall: Why not? Or if you got any other choice, do let me know :)

  8. wow, seems like u r definitely one lucky one to get the scholarship. heard from many that in msia, most of the time, such awards are meant for malays (my opinion and what i heard - not racist). no matter what choice u make, im sure u know what u r doing :) jia you!

  9. @Moon: Yeaps only 5 years. and i can live like happily ever after at the gov office for 5 years. Not so bad after all (;

    @Lukey: Yes I applied for that course and I really got it ;D

    @Simon: Thanks dude!

    @Hilda: Yeaps stats show that the opportunity is low (;

    @Tolanic: RARE. a well-chosen word (;

    @Henry: WOW YOU'RE AWESOME! hahas so you love independent woman? LOOLLL

    @Xiaoxin: Sure thing. The complaints and all already show that people think. Hahas. Thanks hun!

  10. of course i love independent woman but not those over-smart type la... HAHAHA!

  11. @John: I hope I am.

    @Henry: You still can handle those oversmart ones =P

  12. congratulations on ur acception at MMU. study hard ye. :)

  13. hey dear, just accept it. im under government scholarship too and im really glad i got it. so don't let this opportunity go to waste. there are many out there who deserve scholarship but didn't get so you must be grateful. anyway, congrats!

  14. hey dear, just accept it. im under government scholarship too and im really glad i got it. so don't let this opportunity go to waste. there are many out there who deserve scholarship but didn't get so you must be grateful. anyway, congrats!

  15. @xRaafikx: Thanks alot! Will do.

    @Nigel: yah grateful I bet this is important (; thanks a million!

  16. Congratulations It's rare thing (I personally knew) to see anyone with fully paid scholarship at reputable Uni. U should grab that chance

  17. congrats sweetie!!! ur family must be very proud of u.. well, do consider about the environment, reputation,etc of ur uni.. and also, if u dun mind 5 years bond to government.. its not a short period, i cant tahan lor, honestly.. i do think u can get scholarships from other uni too, try for it perhaps? anyway, all the best to u sweetie!! ^^

  18. Congrats .
    Now breathe deeply and think deeply.
    This is your future :)

  19. @Spectre: so you're saying MMU is a reputable Uni? wow. but not so reputable for accounting =/

    @Casley: i can get partial scholarship elsewhere, but no full scholarship );

    @Lindy: thanks hun!

    @ms.sarah: hey thanks ;D and i've decided. finally lols


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