19 July, 2010

7TEEN Giveaways + Google Day

It is very happening in MMU Cyberjaya lately where the CLEO personnel came for their Cleo Girl Search 2010 last week and now 17 is here ;D

Love Your Body’ roadshow, exclusively brought by Seventeen17

My pink 17 goodie bag + pink 17Rocks badge +April issue (FREE!) + July issue.

To be frank, I actually bought the magazine because I instantly fell in love with the goodie bag.
After all, PINK stuff catches my eye ;)

‘Start practicing facial hygiene now’, by Dermalogica®

The free sample- day wash-off, toner, scrub and night cream.
Dermalogica® face mapping + Express facial worth RM48 + Mystery gift
are awaiting you at the Dermalogica® consultation pod.

And free samples of Xylitol. Do try this. For dental health care purposes x)

THANKS 7TEEN for everything! ;D

Also, we had Google Day recently,
mainly a survey campaign brought by Google in search of voices of Malaysians.

I got my voice recorded and hence received my Google tee.
;D I’ve worked for Google!



  1. WOW~Magazines dont usually go to my uni those days. Even if they do, there's no goodie bags. We were only given old issues..

  2. oooo! google T!!! lol even i get also no use, dun have my size. hahaha

  3. wow... the shirt is cool! i want! u got so many freebies... sharing is caring ok? haha XD

  4. I love the 7teen rocks pink badge

  5. huh google day?
    never hear before
    btw, i want the t-shirt tooo

  6. The GoogLe Tee is so nice! Love it~
    where can get? lol XD


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