25 July, 2010

It Hasn't End Yet

Exam. I feel as if it is the first exam again in my life, when I stopped going to school since after SPM =/ While I am busy changing my blog layout over and over again during this lovely weekend.

It has been already a whole month since I moved to the hostel. Practically I only stay there for four days when I return home every Thursday night, and travel back there each Sunday evening.

Midterm started last week. For Accountings paper only.
And yet it hasn't end yet.

Will be having hard times with Algebra this coming week due to the Business Mathematics midterm. And I have no choice but to miss three events in a row yesterday:
  • MBSSKL Carnival (It is only 2 years ONCE!)
  • Yumcha session with my darling gurls (Bet they've long forgotten me)
  • Astro Star Quest (I only managed to watch it at home = =)
PPE 0015; Code of tomorrow's exam paper =.="
I still have not much understanding in this subject.
Would still be a tough one for me.
An indeed tough one.

Love from FiSh to my dear readers. I wish I could still smile the way you do now ;)


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