05 August, 2010

Starbucks; Not just about coffee

Hey readers! Greetings from the teddies on the cart.
I’m so into Starbucks nowadays, including their kawaii lil’ teddies.

Life is sort of boring here. Not so happening anymore ); coz’ I can’t even find a single outlet of Starbucks around this MMU campus. It is so different from Sunway UC which has a San Francisco Coffee outlet inside the campus itself

Yummies *drools*

My darling hot chocolate !

Whenever I visit the Starbucks coffee, I would certainly order a mug of large hot chocolate, which is so rich in chocolate (and sweet of course). And my friends start asking me,

Since this is Starbucks COFFEE shop, can’t you just try a cup of coffee?

The reply is, “I hate coffee, but I love Starbucks.”

Only drinking hot stuff makes me so comfy (;

For the real coffee lover, stop buying those 3-in-1 packets and do try out an authentic one x)

Enjoy your lovely midnight with Starbucks ;)

Next Update: Good news from ohFISHiee ;D


  1. Leng lui fish...not we dont want..but cant afford

  2. i love starbucks too! :D u shld try their vanilla frap it's to die for :3

  3. i LOVE starbucks!!! <3

    love you blog! :) following :)

  4. Their coffee is indeed mouth watering, so as the "price"..lol

  5. its not about cofee.. its about your 'bucks'. if you only have 'cents'.. dont go there. :D

  6. Im a starbucks lover too..anyway..the picture that u taken are so nice

  7. I also used to enjoy starbucks...but nearly die due to no enough sleep XD

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Starbucks!!
    nice pics of their products!
    but but but their products burn hole in me pocket leh..

  10. demm... love hot.choc!!! heee~


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