01 August, 2010

FUN time!

A loud YAY from the blogger today ;D

The midterm has finally ended, and I had a great weekend here.
I attended my high school carnival yesterday,
although it wasn’t as successful as last year’s one.

Thanks DaddyLoke for this homemade spaghetti, sold @ RM4 during the carnival.

I heart this! Marshmallow in chocolate fondue is awesome as always ;D

And nice meeting faces that I’ve long missed :)

After the carnival, we proceeded to this outlet in Sunway Pyramid for lunch and the birthday celebration of the month.

The Fishermen’s Giant Fried Platter
Only @ RM56.90, you can get such a tasty platter with all sorts of fresh seafood ;D

The giant prawns, *drools*

I love the mussels in the platter. So huge and yummy!

Grilled Gala Platter for two
(Could be for 3, if you have small appetite)
This is fantastic too, but too much of fried foodstuff is bad for throats =/

The durian cake, from Secret Recipe.
I think this is the most expensive cake I’ve ever eaten in my whole 18 years life = =
It costs approximately 90 bucks. Wow.

Finally, Happy 18, Justin ;D


  1. Omg! I want the marshmallow! *nom nom nom*

  2. i miss the seafood platter a lot...

  3. that's look yummy, I love the marshmallow and ofcourse the Seafood. i verry love that.

    Happy weekend, enjoy the holiday.
    Thanks for visiting my Blog,
    Best Regards,
    Tito's Weblog

  4. wow....nice pics...like it ^___^
    makes me hungry huhu

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