10 August, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

Romance and comedy is always my favourite ;D

Going the Distance is going to hit the big screen of Malaysia cinemas on 2 September! But Nuffnang always give us bloggers a chance to watch it earlier ;D And this time the screening falls on 1 Sept, which is one day earlier than others could watch it!

What am I willing to do for my other half?

I bet not only me, but everyone else in this world; If you really love your other half, you are willing to do anything and everything at anytime for him/her right? Especially girls I bet =P

As for me, the level of being ‘romantic’ is always there if and only if we’re into each other ;D

This was what I actually did for him last year when I was about to leave for National Service for 3 months. You may read the post here. Childish, you may call it whatever you want; But to me, it is a piece of sincere gift to allow the other half to remember me all the time whenever we’re apart.

Every single romantic thing can be done in the whole day ;D

A morning call,
A breakfast treat before going to college or workplace,
Put little love notes into his pocket or car,
Hit him an email with naughty phrases,

Cute lunch box,
Get him coffee or dessert as sweet surprise,
Call him from office and tell him I’m thinking about him,

Give gifts without any occasion,
Plan a surprise dinner,
Get along well with his friends,

Go for a long walk down the beach,
Give him a good massage,
Spray my perfume onto his pillow,
Kiss goodnight and sweet dreams!

The above are just some examples I could think of right now, and of course these may seem to be small things in life. However, every little thing done actually brings a huge meaning behind ;) People who really feel the love would certainly enjoy this! (I hope he does too)

And of course not every couple on Earth would be as happy as Justin Long and Drew Barrymore in the movie. But I do hope to have a Prince Charming to hold me wholeheartedly ;D

Yay for Nuffnang and Warner Bros Picture for this romantic movie ;D
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